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Wormwood Plant

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Teas | Medicinal Plants | Aromatic Herbs | Tisanes | Infusions

Scientific Name:

Artemisia absinthium L.

Reference: W00058
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Rota das Indias


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Wormwood Plant

Teas | Medicinal Plants | Aromatic Herbs | Tisanes | Infusions

Wormwood, also known as wormwood or wormwood, is a medicinal plant native to Europe and Asia. It is a herbaceous perennial plant that can grow up to 1.5 meters tall. It has a gray stem with a fine down and jagged, grayish-green leaves with a characteristic bitter taste.

Wormwood is a plant rich in phenolic compounds, including absinthe, which is the compound responsible for its bitter taste. It also contains other important compounds such as thujone, mugwort and wormwood essential oil.

Wormwood has been used for centuries as a medicinal plant. It has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiparasitic and digestive properties. It is also used to treat digestive problems such as heartburn, indigestion and flatulence.

In addition to its medicinal properties, wormwood is also used to make the alcoholic drink of the same name. Absinthe is a distilled drink with a high alcohol content (between 45 and 75%). It has a strong, bitter taste and is usually served with cold water and sugar.

Absinthe was banned in many countries at the beginning of the 20th century due to the toxicity of thujone. However, the consumption of absinthe has been legalized again in many countries in recent decades.

Below is a more detailed description of the characteristics of the wormwood plant:

Root: The root is pivotal, woody, with numerous lateral branches.

Stem: The stem is erect, woody, angular and branched.

Leaves: The leaves are alternate, grayish to greenish, densely tomentose on both sides.

Flowers: The flowers are small, yellow, gathered in chapters.

Fruits: The fruits are achenes, small and brown.

Wormwood is a plant that can be grown in any type of soil, but prefers well-drained soil with good exposure to the sun. The plant is quite hardy and doesn't require much care.

Wormwood leaves should be harvested in summer, when the plant is in full bloom. The leaves can be dried for later use.


Method of preparation:

*Recommended water temperature: 100º

*Infusion time: 10 minutes (must remain covered).

*Recommended quantity: 2 teaspoons per person. Approx. 2grs / cup.

*Indicative values which may vary according to personal taste.


Store in a cool, dry place away from light.

Keep out of reach of children.

The information contained in the description of this product is for informational purposes only. They do not replace the advice and monitoring of your Doctor.

Our products, which may originally be gluten-free, are not recommended for Celiac patients. Our products are packaged and sold in bulk, so we cannot guarantee that there is no cross-contamination.

The Product you have selected has the following applications:
Liver and Gallbladder

The Product you have selected comes from Bulgaria

The production type of the Product you selected is Conventional, without Organic Certification, but of Superior quality.

Absinthe Wormwood Plant - (Artemisia absinthium L.)

Nutritional Table 1 Cup (240 ml) % VD (*)
Calcium 19 mg
Calories 2 g
Carbohydratos 0,5 g
Iron 0,3 mg
Fibers 0,2 g
Total Fats 0 g
Proteins 0 g
Vitamin C 1 mg

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