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Sweet Paprika Premium Powder

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Spices | Seasonings | Gin Botanicals | Aromatic Herbs | Aromatic Salt

Scientific Name:

capsicum annuum

Reference: W00634
Product Brand:

Rota das Indias


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Sweet Paprika Premium Powder

Spices | Seasonings | Gin Botanicals | Aromatic Herbs | Aromatic Salt

It is grown mainly in the Balkans, Hungary, Spain and France, as well as in Central and South America and Portugal. There are 30 varieties of peppers, from mild to spicy, from spontaneously grown to cultivated. They differ greatly from one another.


Pimentão Doce (paprika) is the dried fruit of a plant native to the American continent and introduced to Europe centuries ago.
It is an essential ingredient in Portuguese cuisine, adding color and flavor to all kinds of dishes.


Suggestions: Traditionally used in roasted, grilled or fried lamb and pork, roast veal, roast codfish and sauces.


May contain traces of other nuts and soy.

The information contained in the description of this product is for informational purposes only. They do not replace the advice and monitoring of your Doctor.

Our products, which may originally be gluten-free, are not recommended for Celiac patients. Our products are packaged and sold in bulk, so we cannot guarantee that there is no cross-contamination.

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Culinary Use Spices

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Pimentao - Sweet Ground Paprika (140 ASTAS) - capsicum annuum

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