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Salt Flower 100% Natural

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Spices | Seasonings | Gin Botanicals | Aromatic Herbs | Aromatic Salt

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Rota das Indias



Salt Flower 100% Natural

Spices | Seasonings | Gin Botanicals | Aromatic Herbs | Aromatic Salt

Flor de Sal is collected through artisanal processes in the heart of the Serras de Aire e Candeeiros Natural Park.


These pure crystals make it possible to balance and finish the preparation of each dish with great elegance.


Flor de Sal never enters the culinary world as a mere adjunct, serving as a luxurious seasoning to complement fine and sophisticated dishes, which is why it is used by many chefs around the world.


The small crystals are collected by hand and dried in the sun so that they form crunchy little leaves. Hence its name. Compared to the other varieties, Flor de Sal is much more delicate, pure and healthy, since it doesn't go through the refining process like ordinary table salt, keeping all its nutrients.


Also nicknamed "White Gold", Flor de Sal is rich in various nutrients, such as zinc, magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron, copper, fluorine, iodine, among others that are good for the body, which is why the seasoning is considered so beneficial to health.


Among its greatest benefits are the prevention and fight against various diseases that could be caused by the excessive use of common table salt, such as hypertension, osteoporosis, kidney stones, strokes, heart disease, among many others.

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Our products, which may originally be gluten-free, are not recommended for Celiac patients. Our products are packaged and sold in bulk, so we cannot guarantee that there is no cross-contamination.

The Product you have selected has the following applications:
Culinary Use

The Product you have selected comes from Portugal

The production type of the Product you selected is Conventional, without Organic Certification, but of Superior quality.

100% Natural Salt Flower Crystals

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