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Pineapple Dried Rings 100% Natural

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Superfoods | Healthy Food | Organic Food | Gold Nutrition

Scientific Name:

ananas comosus

Reference: W01847
Product Brand:

Rota das Indias



Pineapple Dried Rings 100% Natural

Superfoods | Healthy Food | Organic Food | Gold Nutrition

Semi-dehydrated pineapple, with no colorings or preservatives, this is a natural method of preservation that guarantees practically all its nutrients.


(Ingredients: Pineapple (100%)


Some say that dehydrated fruit has given fruit a new lease of life.


Easy to transport in small packages, a practical and varied option because you can eat it anywhere and find the most varied types of fruit in a dehydrated version on the market!


Dehydrated fruit has been winning fans because it's an alternative, crunchy and - some say - fun way to eat fruit.


It's simple. It's fruit that has undergone a dehydration process. The process is not new. In fact, it was used by our ancestors a long time ago. 

This is actually one of the oldest methods of preserving food, in this case fruit, and consists of removing water, essentially through evaporation. By removing the water from the fruit, microbiological activity is stabilized and chemical and enzymatic reactions are reduced.


Advantages of dehydrated fruit

The fruit becomes drier and lasts longer, preserving its nutrients and preventing it from deteriorating. 

By dehydrating fruit, it is possible to avoid wasting it and to store and consume it out of season. 

More. Supporters of this growing trend say that dehydrated fruit is a good way of always having practical and tasty snacks on hand to eat during the day, whenever hunger strikes. There are already several brands on the market today that sell dehydrated fruit. But it's not all advantages.


Medicinal properties:

This fruit relieves constipation and blocks the absorption of fats. Pineapple has almost no fat or cholesterol, but it does contain fast-absorbing carbohydrates. With fiber, it will prevent colon cancer. The bromelain, combined with other substances, promotes blood circulation. Pineapple is also good for hypertension due to its potassium content.

This fruit protects the body from infections and also helps to clear the airways. Its anti-inflammatory action soothes the pain of arthritis, tendonitis, sprains and dislocations. Fluid retention and excess weight are often associated with cellulite. Pineapple is an excellent remedy for both situations because of its diuretic action, provided by bromelain and potassium.


Nutritional benefits: Although each type of fruit has a specific combination of nutrients, in general, most are a source of vitamins B1, B6, E and folic acid and minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus and iron, among others. The fat in nuts is predominantly unsaturated, a type of fat that helps maintain normal blood cholesterol levels.


May contain traces of other nuts and soy.

The information contained in the description of this product is for informational purposes only. They do not replace the advice and monitoring of your Doctor.

Our products, which may originally be gluten-free, are not recommended for Celiac patients. Our products are packaged and sold in bulk, so we cannot guarantee that there is no cross-contamination.

The Product you have selected has the following applications:
Complement for Gin Tonic
Culinary Use Dried Fruits

The Product you have selected comes from Portugal

The production type of the Product you selected is Conventional, without Organic Certification, but of Superior quality.

Pineapple; Antioxidant(S02);

Reviews (1)


Adoro o ananás assim, fica com o sabor bem intenso e dá para colocar em molhos/pratos de carne, adicionar a iogurte, papas ou comer apenas como snack. Tem apenas o açúcar natural da fruta o que é para mim um fator de compra. Recomendo muito.