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Mango Cubes


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Dried Fruits | Dried Fruit | Seeds | Berries | Muesli

Scientific Name:

mangifera indica

Reference: W02008
Product Brand:

Rota das Indias


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Mango Cubes Dried

Dried Fruits | Dried Fruit | Seeds | Berries | Muesli

Mango Cubes are an extremely nutritious fruit. As well as being low in calories, it is rich in vitamins B, C, E and K. Finally, Mango Cubes are rich in minerals, contributing to positive body health.


Nutritional benefits: Although each type of fruit has a specific combination of nutrients, in general, most are a source of vitamins B1, B6, E and folic acid and minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus and iron, among others. The fat in nuts is predominantly unsaturated, a type of fat that contributes to maintaining normal blood cholesterol levels.


Health benefits:

  • Rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals
  • Good source of antioxidants
  • Can help control appetite
  • Can help increase fiber intake


Suggested consumption:

  • As a snack
  • Add to cereals, yogurt or salads
  • Use in recipes such as cakes, muffins or cookies


May contain traces of other nuts and soy.

The information contained in the description of this product is for informational purposes only. They do not replace the advice and monitoring of your Doctor.

Our products, which may originally be gluten-free, are not recommended for Celiac patients. Our products are packaged and sold in bulk, so we cannot guarantee that there is no cross-contamination.

The Product you have selected has the following applications:
Culinary Use Dried Fruits

The Product you have selected comes from Thailand

The production type of the Product you selected is Conventional, without Organic Certification, but of Superior quality.

Mnga; Sugar; Citric Acid E330; Preservative E223.

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