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Dear Partner,

We thank you in advance for your interest in our products.

Born in 2012, Rota das Indias® is a company specialized in the food and dietetic sector that works exclusively in import and export of spices, dried fruits, teas and medicinal plants.

We have extensive experience in trade and distribution in the food sector, where we present a very diverse and high quality portfolio.

We provide our Customers with always natural products, pure or in mixtures, packaged or in bulk, which are used for food, medicinal and cosmetic purposes.

The Company has its marketing/distribution and customer support center in Lisbon, from which it provides shipping, pre-sale and post-sale services to its customers throughout Europe.

Our store at Mercado 31 Janeiro - Saldanha, right in the center of Lisbon, has a wide range of products that you won't easily find in Portugal.

In our online store, we guarantee a fast and efficient delivery service. You can also order online and pick up your order in our physical store, thus avoiding shipping costs.

How to be our Partner?

The Rota das Indias® B2B Business Platform is only intended for Collective Companies or Individual Entrepreneurs who are dedicated to the trade of products and services related to the Rota das Indias®.

Validation of the Registration is always dependent on a careful analysis by our Services, and is dependent on a satisfactory analysis of the same.

Place your order now and have access to a B2B Business Platform specially designed for our Partners of Business and with access to the Online B2B Price List with the most competitive and updated prices on the Market for the Resale area.

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