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Dried Green Lentils Berry

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Dried Vegetables | Cereals | Carbohydrates | Flours | Gluten Free

Scientific Name:

lens culinaris

Reference: W00329
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Rota das Indias


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Dried Green Lentils Berry

Dried Vegetables | Cereals | Carbohydrates | Flours | Gluten Free

Studies have found that people who eat high-fiber legumes like Dried Lentils have a much reduced risk of heart disease.


Dried lentils are a small but powerful nutritional member of the legume family and are also a good source of fiber.


Not only do they help reduce cholesterol, they also have a special power to control blood sugar disorders due to their high fiber content, which prevents blood sugar levels from rising rapidly after a meal.


Dried lentils are rich in protein and contain less fat and calories than animal proteins. A half-cup serving of cooked lentils offers around 9 grams of protein, which helps build lean muscle tissue. Although lentils are rich in protein, the protein is incomplete. This means that Dried Lentils don't offer all 20 essential amino acids that the body needs. To get all the amino acids you need, eat other proteins, including beans, brown rice or cowpeas during the day.


Despite being high in carbohydrates, Dry Lentils can be prepared without added fats, making them a great meal for a slimming diet.


Benefits of eating lentils

  • Helps lower cholesterol - because they have insoluble fibers that decrease the absorption of fats.
  • Detoxifies the body - they regulate the intestines and therefore cleanse the intestines by absorbing toxins.
  • Reduces premenstrual tension - because they contain a substance called lignans, which act in a similar way to female hormones such as oestrogen and help reduce PMS symptoms.
  • Fights diabetes - because although they have a lot of carbohydrates, they have a lot of fiber and keep blood sugar from rising too high.
  • Prevents and treats anemia - a food very rich in iron, recommended especially for vegetarians with a tendency to develop anemia.
  • Helps prevent the appearance of oncological diseases - because in addition to being rich in fiber which reduces the risk of colon cancer, they have antioxidants which protect the body's cells.
  • Improves bone health - as well as having calcium, they contain isoflavones which help produce hormones that are important for strengthening bones.


In addition, Dried Lentils are rich in zinc, which helps strengthen the immune system and are very good for treating anemia because they have a lot of iron and their high amount of fiber improves intestinal transit and relieves constipation and belly bloating.

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Dried Green Lentils - lens culinaris

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