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Curry Madras Paste

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Sauces and Pastes | Flavors and Food Essences | Food Colorings

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Curry Madras Paste

Sauces and Pastes | Flavors and Food Essences | Food Colorings

Curry Madras is a mixture of dried, roasted and ground herbs that has become a symbol and condiment of Indian cuisine.


Madras Curry originates from southern India and has a stronger burn than traditional curry and is extremely aromatic!


An excellent condiment for making dishes more flavorful, aromatic and also more beautiful, as Madras Curry gives them a more vibrant color.


As well as being eccentric and versatile, it is a spice that, in the long term, if used in moderate doses, can greatly benefit your health.


Because it is so versatile, Madras Curry fits like a glove in many recipes and can replace other spices such as salt.


Curry Madras is an excellent combination for seasoning meat, poultry, soups, chutneys, pâtés, vegetables and sauces.


Curry Madras is formed from the influences of Indian cuisine on English preparations. The form we use was created in an English but Indian restaurant in the 1970s.


This adaptation aimed to please the English palate by using Indian ingredients.

The information contained in the description of this product is for informational purposes only. They do not replace the advice and monitoring of your Doctor.

Our products, which may originally be gluten-free, are not recommended for Celiac patients. Our products are packaged and sold in bulk, so we cannot guarantee that there is no cross-contamination.

The Product you have selected has the following applications:
Culinary Use

The Product you have selected comes from Netherlands

The production type of the Product you selected is Conventional, without Organic Certification, but of Superior quality.

Water, spice mix (24%) [coriander (7%), paprika (4%), cardamom, cumin, fenugreek, black pepper, ginger], rapeseed oil (18%), salt, corn flour, acids (acetic, citric), tamarind, mustard powder, dried broken red chili peppers (0.5%), garlic powder, black mustard seeds. Allergens: mustard. May contain nuts and peanuts.

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