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Chives Plant

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Spices | Seasonings | Gin Botanicals | Aromatic Herbs | Aromatic Salt

Scientific Name:

allium schoenoprasum

Reference: W00087
Product Brand:

Rota das Indias



Chives Plant

Spices | Seasonings | Gin Botanicals | Aromatic Herbs | Aromatic Salt

This aromatic plant originated in China and belongs to the same family as onions and garlic, although it has a finer and more discreet flavor.


Chives are an excellent flavoring for salads, omelettes, soups and cottage cheese. They should always be snipped (not chopped) and added to cooked dishes at the very last moment so that their flavor is not lost.


The leaves have a pleasant, mild onion-like flavor and are especially useful with meat or fish, roasts, soups, potato or egg dishes, cheeses and legumes, and to enrich salads.

Add it to butter to make a sauce to accompany roast potatoes. It is also an excellent garnish herb, giving dishes a pleasant look.

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Tubular chives - allium schoenoprasum

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