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Black Garlic Powder

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Scientific Name:

allium sativum

Reference: W01404
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Rota das Indias


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Black Garlic Powder

Spices | Seasonings | Gin Botanicals | Aromatic Herbs | Aromatic Salt

If you use garlic in your cooking, you should know that there is also black garlic.


Black garlic is obtained from an aging process of common garlic, using pressure and controlled temperature. After maturing, Black Garlic loses its characteristic garlic smell and gains a dark color, a soft texture and a different taste from traditional garlic.


During the ripening process, the garlic clove acquires a black color, a soft texture and also loses its characteristic garlic smell, gaining a sweet aroma and taste. As well as being delicious, it's not as indigestible as traditional garlic can be. The flavor is deep but mild, with slightly fruity notes, creating a wonderful mix of sweet, sour and salty notes.


Endophytic bacteria that are heat-resistant and capable of fermentation have been identified in common garlic and black garlic. They may be relevant in the production of black garlic.


Black garlic is rich in potassium, a mineral that contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system and the maintenance of normal blood pressure. It also plays an important role in muscle function.


You can eat Black Garlic cloves whole, as an appetizer, for example, as they are quite soft. Because of this characteristic, they can also be sprinkled on top of your favorite ingredients. Black garlic cloves are ideal with cheeses, vegetables, meat or fish. You can use them to make delicious mayonnaises and other sauces. The culinary applications are endless!

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Aged garlic powder, whose browning is attributed to the Maillard reaction;

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